Places that hold a special meaning to you are the ones that you never get tired of visiting. It is a place that bring some kind of peace and healing to you, for me that place is Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire. 
When I am on one of the any peaks, I love to spend time just sitting up there and gaze out at the scenery. The surroundings there are like waves of blue and green spotlighted by the sun and clouds. 
I hope you all get an opportunity to visit the area, the best time to go is during the fall.

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I’m Ann – a photographer, an abstract painter, lover of traveling, and foodie! I’m very happy to have you here where my thoughts and likes call home on the web.

Likes: the smell of my surroundings on hikes, my shih tzu's sassiness, freshly brewed tea, the feeling of a warm towel on your face in the morning, watching (analyzing) films, LOTR, the game Onmyoji (obsessed) and true crime podcasts/channels.

Dislikes: spiders, large flying insects, all carpeted homes, wastefulness, noisy/nosey people at the museum (anywhere really), olives, and bitter melon.


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